Why a good wallet is worth investing in?

What are the two things that leave you panicked-attack if you forget to bring them?

First, a mobile phone.

Second, a wallet.

Despite all of the possibilities of cashless transactions, we’re still ruled by our cards, be it ID card, driver license card, travel card, etc. And the handiest way to store all of them is inside our wallet, right?

One’s Personal Statement

Your wallet is a reflection of your daily habits. It speaks about your lifestyle & character.

Which one is the right wallet for you?

Cardholder type is the smallest type of wallet as it only holds cards. It is the right one for an individual who likes to follow the less is more rule.

Bi – fold is your classic wallet, a standard folding wallet with enough space of cards, cash and receipts. Bi-folds allows you to sit down comfortably without making you feel that you are sitting on a lump. It is indeed the go – as the wallet for people who seek comfort. Sounds like you?

Tri – fold type provides more spaces and compartments. It is a perfect choice for a more organized person who brings extra cards and receipts. A little bit of advice, clean out your trifolds regularly or else it will look too bulky.

Long wallet has the most space and compartments compared to the other three types. It’s quite showy as you can’t keep it inside your pocket. Thus, make sure that your long wallet is fashionable enough to reflect your personal style.

Master Craftsmanship

Moreover, a fine wallet is a beautiful piece of craft. It has gone through a long process of striving to perfection. Starting from selecting high-grade raw materials to the final touch. You just know it when the product that you are holding is at its finest. Because creating a luxury product goes beyond how it looks but how it makes you feel when you carry it. You become much more confident when you carry a qualified product that you deserve. Thus, without doubt, we think that investing in a fine wallet is no longer a question, it’s a must.

Accessible Luxury

As a leather enthusiast, our team knows how challenging it is to find great quality leather goods. Luxury always comes with a high price, generally. However, Sovereigne breaks that paradigm as we make luxury accessible for all.


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