What makes a fine wallet

A wallet is your best friend. It accompanies you everywhere you go, holds your cards & receipts, and witnesses how much cash you have splurged for a thing you might not need in the first place. When style, class and longevity become the main focus, velcro and nylon materials must be crossed out from the list. These materials won’t outmatch the beauty & quality of a leather wallet.



Here are the 4 characteristics of a fine leather wallet:

Leather quality

Leather quality must be the top priority. You can feel the value of high-quality leather just by rubbing it. It has soft texture and a natural smell. There are several leather grades in the market. We suggest to always go for ‘full grain’ leather, as it has the highest quality. The fibers are arranged in cross arrangement which supports its longevity. It develops a nice patina along the time adding remarkable character to the wallet. Try to avoid ‘top grain’ leather as the surface is covered in resin to form a smooth surface. In the end, it feels like you are rubbing plastic instead of a leather wallet.



Poor construction and craftsmanship can ruin a good design even if high-quality materials are used. Thus, the production process of the wallet shouldn’t be ignored. There are two ways of manufacturing a leather wallet. The most traditional production process uses a cut edge technique. The leather is cut, stitched together and resin coated on the edges.

Turned cut edge has a longer process as the leather is thinned down before the stitching process is complete to achieve a more seamless bond.


Other details

Another key to indicate an excellent wallet are its corners and creases. A well-crafted wallet must endure the hardships of your everyday life as it stays with you wherever you go. Do you spot any creases on your leather wallet made by hot iron on the edge stitching and card slots? If yes, you know the durability of your leather wallet is well done.

If there’s a part of your wallet that didn’t go through a cutting process then it is has pleated corners. It has to be seamless. Otherwise, it has been poorly made if the corners are not smoothed out.

Trending Style

Just like fashion, wallet trends also come and go. But, this major shift to a slimmer wallet has been a trend since 2017. The advance of technology provides us with a more efficient method transacting such as less cash and few essential cards.

However, size is indeed more subjective. A larger size is not always better compared to a smaller and slimmer wallet. It goes back to your needs and preferences. Lastly, bear in mind that your wallet reflects your personal style. The colors, textures and patterns expresses your character.

By all means, Sovereigne has the quality to prove its existence as a top-notch luxury fashion brand.


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